For the foreign residents in Japan

The public notaries at Public Notary Corporate Mito General Office who are highly specialized
in Japanese laws and official procedures can help you withEEE

Immigration procedures:
  1. Application for foreign residents entering/staying in Japan
  2. Application for long term and permanent residency
  3. Application for obtaining nationality
  4. Opening a Japanese branch
  5. Starting a Joint venture
The Immigration Office allows representatives who are authorized by the Minister of Justice,
to beeRepresentative of the Applicant.'Many of the pubulic notaries of the Japan Federation of
Public Notary's Association are authorized by the Minister of Justice to be your representative.

Starting a new business:
  1. Application for restaurant business license
  2. Report on commencement of entertainment business and amusement trades
  3. Application for secondhand shops,beauty saloons,or dry cleaning business license
  4. Report on commencement of offering liquors during the night for restaurants and shops
  5. Establishing a corporation or a private company
Legal and inheritance matters:
  1. Documents of agreement of dividing the inheritance
  2. Gathering information concerning the inheritance property
  3. Preparation of a will
  4. Managing property as well as preparing welfare documents(for the elderly)
These are many other areas where we can help you.Consult us.
Your privacy is strictly confidential with your public notary.


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